Exceptional Service, Uncompromised Security


Where luxury meets security

At SV Security, we understand that true luxury lies in peace of mind.

With over 20 years experience, our bespoke security services are tailored to the unique needs of the luxury hospitality industry, where exceptional guest experience and safety are paramount.

With a discreet yet decisive presence, our highly trained professionals integrate seamlessly into the opulent environment of your establishment.

Service, defined by quality

We focus in our offering and specialise to be the best in class

Events Security

At SV Security, we provide more than just safety; we deliver a sophisticated security experience that complements the grandeur of your events.

Our expert team specializes in discreetly managing security for high-profile gatherings, ensuring every detail is addressed with the utmost precision and elegance. From galas to exclusive conferences, our operatives blend seamlessly into the background, providing vigilant yet unobtrusive service.

With SV Security overseeing your event, hosts and guests alike can immerse themselves in the occasion's splendor, confident in the knowledge that their safety is being managed by the finest in the industry.

Front of House Security

At the forefront of any hospitality experience is the assurance of safety, delivered with a touch of class.

SV Security's front-of-house services redefine first impressions, offering a warm welcome paired with the highest level of vigilance. Our security personnel are meticulously selected for their professionalism, decorum, and ability to provide attentive service while remaining attuned to the subtleties of guest interactions. They are the guardians of your lobby, the poised sentinels at your doors, ensuring that every entry and exit is as secure as it is gracious.

With SV Security, the gateway to your hotel is not just a threshold but a promise of the exceptional experience that lies within.